TVC for Octenisept? Pssss…

Painless and efficient TV ad.  
Oktal Pharma is one of the leading national wholesalers that has been providing regular and quality distribution of medicines, medical products and other products for preserving human health to pharmacies, hospitals, health centres, medical biochemistry laboratories and opticians for 28 years. Octenisept, on the other hand, is a cult antiseptic that has been helping and disinfecting the wounds on our bodies since our childhood. 
Task: Create a direct, simple TV spot that clearly shows the problem-solution and the use of Octenisept. 

Reasoning: Octenisept is colorless and painless – first aid for every type of wound. What is the easiest way to communicate it?

Idea: Show the injuries that symbolize a cut, burn and wound through the animation and after we hear the expression “Pssss” from the narrator in the voiceover, the wound is disinfected. The pronounced “Pssss” is ambiguous. It sounds like when you react to something that is harmless in real life, and it also sounds like when you apply Octenisept spray to every type of wound.

See what it all looks and sounds like in this painless video.