The grand finale of the only event at a distance

We donated goods worth 100,000 HRK! 

Let’s stay socially responsible. Although Drive-In Cinema – The only event at a distance! passed, we still have reasons to celebrate. The project that we conceived and organized from the beginning, keeping in mind the humanitarian note as a guiding thought, has now got its happy ending!

The dust has settled and it’s finally time to hand over a donation worth 100 thousand HRK to CHC Sestre milosrdnice this Wednesday, July 1st. A donation of 8 M-Care pillars was handed over to the director of the hospital, Mario Zovak. These are devices that simultaneously disinfect patients, measure temperature and control access to the hospital. In addition, as a precautionary measure to prevent coronavirus infection, we have provided more than 500 litres of Desderman disinfectant.

The donation was handed over to the director of the hospital by Zoran Krečar, project manager from Kreativna poslovna rješenja and Hrvoje Lisak, Business Unit Manager of STADA, who also demonstrated how to use the device.

“Given the importance of KBC Sestre milosrdnice, as well as the current situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we felt the need to help ensure maximum protection of staff and patients and thus thank the medical staff for everything they do for us. For more than two thousand visitors, we organized screenings of attractive films for all tastes at Drive-In Cinema, and we are especially pleased that with the proceeds from ticket sales we were able to buy eight M-Care devices and more than 500 litres of disinfectant to help the hospital protect patients from side effects when patients enter the hospital. ” – said Zoran Krečar, handing over the donation to the director of the hospital.

“We are glad that as a socially responsible company we got involved and supported this praiseworthy, and at the same time humanitarian project. We believe that the visitors of Drive-In Cinema, in the moments of complete lack of social life, at the same time enjoyed the screened films, naturally, respecting all the recommendations of the Civil Protection Headquarters. “- added Hrvoje Lisak.

The total value of the donation is 100,000 HRK, and it will serve KBC Sestre milosrdnice to control the entry of all people into the hospital and for hand disinfection as a prevention of possible transmission of coronavirus infection, but also during the epidemic of seasonal diseases. The mentioned devices are produced by the Croatian company Metalis, and they are a unique product on the market that enables simultaneous measurement of body temperature on the wrist and disinfection of hands.

Taking over the donation, the director of KBC Sestre milosrdnice Mario Zovak thanked and especially noted:

“Such gestures of humanity, in addition to giving our hospital valuable devices that will increase the level of protection of all our patients and visitors, encourage social solidarity and responsibility for the health of citizens. As this coronavirus epidemic has shown, when citizens unite in responsible behaviour, then we have good results. That is why I would like this donation to contribute to the greatest possible safety of all of us who come and go from the hospital daily, especially the patients who are the most endangered.”

Funds for the valuable donation were raised from the proceeds from ticket sales for Drive-In Cinema – the only event at a distance! and the project took place in the early days of the abolition of strict isolation measures due to coronavirus. None of this would have been possible without a great response from visitors and our project friends. Therefore, we would like to thank once again the German pharmaceutical company STADA and other dear partners and sponsors: Stella Artois,, Bobi Snacks, Violeta, Prolom voda, Orangina, Prima namještaj, Nature Addicts, Anamarija and Podravka. Thank you!