Switch to positive in the Orangina scene

No matter how many degrees. Just switch it up. 

Orangina doesn’t need much introduction. With its original taste of orange with real fruit pulp, it has been bringing the taste of the Mediterranean since 1936, and its perfect ratio of orange pulp and essential oils from natural orange peel has always given it a special flavour without even trying to be cool.

Task: Raise the awareness of the Orangina brand in a regional area of four markets and design communication beyond the primary target. If possible, in a fresh and socially responsible way.

Reasoning: In these unusual and difficult times, when people find it difficult to face bad news and uncertainty, people-oriented communication is especially important for companies that experienced difficulties or changes in distribution channels during the crisis, because involving humanity in the campaign builds stronger communication with consumers.

Idea: A positive campaign that creates and spreads optimistic energy. The narrative is such that the message is put in the foreground, not the brand, although brand recognition is present. The anchor element is the landing page www.okreninapozitivu.com, and the main hashtag: #okreninapozitivu.



Through digital communication, the campaign is focused on a landing page where fans can transfer their positive thoughts, ideas or messages to a T-shirt with a simple tool, after which they can show their + t-shirt to everyone they want on Facebook.



The design of the t-shirt is predefined and the only thing that can be personalized on the t-shirt is a message that is limited by the number of characters. When personalizing, the user has an overview of the appearance of the T-shirt and when he is approximately satisfied, he saves it, which automatically archives it and publishes it in the gallery where you can see all the previously entered positives. The user is given the option to share his t-shirt via Facebook with an invitation to others to join, make their own t-shirt and share the positive further.



T-shirt night effect: the message on the T-shirt is printed on a background consisting of a pattern made of recognizable Bulby Orangina bottles, and is printed in neon colour that glows in the dark and on the background of which things can be drawn, e.g. with a mobile phone.



To spread the positive further, we found enthusiastic influencers and assigned them the role of ambassadors of the positive. These are optimistic, cheerful people who spread a positive spirit, like to look adventure in the eye, take life seriously, but also live life to the fullest with fun and laughter. Positive ambassadors are both positive promoters and project judges – they choose the final winners at the end of the project.



There was no shortage of registrations and tricks. Less than a month has passed since the beginning of the campaign, and there are already over 1000 positives designs onokreninapozitivu.com.





The roads were refreshed by billboards that looked like this:


But that’s not all. We took the wheel for social media and in parallel created and ran a story om Instagramu and Facebooku.




And we prepared more communication solutions for the online part of the story:





Stay beautiful, healthy, smiling and positive. It is not easy, but sometimes it is healthy for our organisms.
P.S. if you haven’t yet, dash to okrenipozitivu.com because you have until August 30th to win a dope t-shirt with your message. KPR loves you.