Packaging design for Athens olive oil ​

Stonekarst and olive oil. 

A large part of the olive groves of the Plenković family farm is located in the old town field under the protection of UNESCO. The idea for the name Athena comes from ancient Greek mythology in which the goddess Athena gave an olive to the people. The ancient Greeks stored oil in ceramic vessels – amphorae, which directly served as inspiration and a solution for packaging. The oil is filled into ceramic bottles that are an excellent insulator from external influences, all to give potential consumers a taste of a piece of history.

Task: Design the packaging for the Athens olive oil. Specifically, the design of the sleeves.

Reasoning: We do not touch the logo. Labels are designed. It is up to us to design and adapt the sleeve to the existing aesthetics.

Idea: Arrange the sleeve design in the spirit of the predefined label design.

We made illustrations of statues, fields and incorporated reflective foil in gold and green variants to highlight the divinity and weight of the ancient Greek tradition. Vedran Rafael Janić is responsible for the photos, and KPR for the rest of the concept. Let’s look at solutions.







We are pleased to have been a part of this sweet story. We tried the olive oil and it is really great! We were not alive during the time of the ancient Greek gods so we cannot guarantee that the recipe is identical, but in the end, we felt divinity.