OVOR is simply something to see

Volunteering is child’s play.

Education for Volunteering and Sustainable Development in schools is a project implemented by the Association of Societies “Naša djeca” of Croatia, together with primary school partners from Gospić and Slatina and the Society “Naša djeca” Zabok, in order to sensitize children and citizens to the importance of volunteering and education for sustainable development of every community. Project beneficiaries can be educated through workshops, conferences, brochures and study tours, and the results of the project are the design and implementation of volunteer actions in their local communities and strengthening the capacity of school volunteer education with sustainable development.

Tasks: Development of visual identity, slogans, adaptation of visuals to all digital forms of communication, website, short animated promo video and graphic preparation for promotional materials of the project.

Reasoning: The target group are students (3rd – 6th grade of primary school), school staff, CSO volunteers, citizens and the general public of the Republic of Croatia. So, we think about these segments first when designing the basic concept for visual identity and slogan.

Idea: As the whole project is called “Education for Volunteering and Sustainable Development in schools”, the logical first step for us was to shorten that name in order to create space for a beautiful and simple logo. As for the slogan – in this case it is an extended signature and briefly explains the purpose of the project. The project advocates not only in school, but also globally: for eradicating poverty, for better health, for gender equality, for ensuring potable water, for economic growth – and for your tomorrow.

This is how OVOR came to life.

Visual identity & slogan – solved. You can see below what other beauties we made from promotional materials.





If you are not in a hurry, surf a bit on the official website to learn more about EVSD activities.

As a cherry on top – video! The idea was to play with the visual of the project through animation, and the copy was designed from a child’s perspective to indicate its potential impact in inspiring empathy and the super important role of volunteering in small, but also big children (people). We have fulfilled the condition that all logos be visible in the end



The goals of the EVSD project are to strengthen and develop the competences of students, teachers and volunteers, to launch and develop sustainable school volunteer programs, to inform and raise awareness of the importance of education for volunteering and sustainable development. We therefore wish them all the best in meeting these goals which ultimately make this world a slightly better and more beautiful place.