M as Murska Dekla

Where did the story of branding and label design originate? 

Everyone in Croatia is already familiar with craft beers. The market is saturated, almost everyone has their own beer, and consumers have been given the greatest choice since the beginning of humanity. Roughly in those circumstances, the trio of engineers from Međimurje decided to innovate and prepare domestic, Međimurje gin. After a year and a half of product development, the guys came to us with a devised name for their gin, which, as they say, was named after one of the legends of Međimurje. KPR gladly accepted the challenge, and in collaboration with illustrator Ivan Gatarić, set out to further develop the story.

Task: Create a complete visual identity, label design and packaging.

Reasoning: Murska Dekla is the spirit of water and plants. It most often appears in the form of a girl, and turns into a fog, a flower, or a beast. How to transfer its values in visually attractive manner to a bottle of gin?

Idea: The bottle should evoke the legend of the Murska Dekla. We want to playfully and mystically present the connection with nature as the most prominent element.



The logo consists of stylized typography, signatures and decorative elements. The stylized typography is inspired by the mythological story of the Murska Dekla, but also by vintage elements that give a touch of classicism and mastery to the brand identity.

Now that you are familiar with primary and secondary colors, it is time to introduce you to typography as well.

The concept of branding is based on the mythological story of the Murska Dekla. She is born in spring dew on the banks of the Mura from frost juice, ash tree blossom and dew. She is a fairy, a spirit of water and plants. She is tall and strong, dark skinned, noble but also vindictive.



She adorns her long dress with moss and leaves. Quietly like a fog, she wanders tirelessly through the wilderness in a relentless fight against dishonesty and evil, and for a century-long fight, nature rewards her with a secret recipe



We bring the drawing on the front transparent label to life with the colors of the back label. In doing so, we will pay attention to the choice of color that should be associated with natural ingredients and Međimurje – blue river, green forests and vines as a special ingredient of this top local gin.



Murska Dekla London dry gin is a fairy elixir that calms evil spirits and with each sip brings closer the secret of immortality and the whisper of nature. Do you know what ingredients make it immortal? Let’s see.



You got a rough impression of how Murska breathes. It’s time for pictures, pictures…. and a few more pictures.









Murska Dekla London dry gin won its first prize, in London! The bronze medal at the London Spirits Competition is the first international recognition for the first series of gin and a great success among the many competitors of this prestigious competition. 🥉



The second prize comes from the United Kingdom! Dekla won a silver medal at the prestigious world competition International Wine & Spirit Competition – IWSC. 🥈



What else to say, except that we were honoured to participate in this innovative domestic venture. You can read more about the guys – creators – and the product in this interview, and if you happen to want to taste it, you can order gin from murskadekla.com. We hereby wish them all the best, a lot of business success and a calm river!