Another TV commercial for Yasenka

We discovered how to stop time.


Throughout our lives we have been taught not to go out in the sun without sunscreen, not to make grimaces, or that wrinkles are something that happens when you grow old. Well, even though we all know that smile wrinkles are the most beautiful wrinkles, which say how well we enjoyed life, sometimes we would still like to have a little less of them. But how to stop the time that relentlessly leaves a mark on our skin?
EasyWith Yasenka skinage colagen! 


Here, check out the video. 



Executive producer: Kreativna Poslovna Rješenja,
Client: Yasenka d.o.o.,
Production: VID FILM,
Directed by : Danilo Caković,
Producer: Niko Sučić,
DoP: Branimir Hainš,
Assistant Director : Tomislav Rosandić,
Vfx artist: Sandrino Požežanac,
Camera Operator: Danilo Caković,
Gafer: Boris Petrlić,
Make up: Maja Wonder, Jelena Meštrović,
Costume Designer : Nikolina Knežević-Pika,
Colorist: Dino Julius,
Editor: Danilo Caković,
Sound mix: RED Studio.